Hello, World.

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Let me just say, this is my very first web site in six years! It seems so foreign and so familiar all at the same time. Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Rita. I’m married to the love of my life and we have two gorgeous kids (for privacy’s sake I’ll refer to them as Ladybug and Squeaks). I love making things; cards, scarves, food…there isn’t a recipe or craft that I’ve encountered and haven’t tried. In short, I’m a doer and I can’t stand being idle.

My beginnings on the internet are extremely humble, going all the way back to geocities. I began learning HTML at 13, mostly to post things about the Backstreet Boys (insert eye roll here). Thankfully I matured and began sharing content about various topics I enjoyed. I even ran a coupon site six years ago, but closed it due to demands in my personal and professional life.

Since leaving the blogosphere, I’ve come to miss and appreciate the stress-relief that writing so graciously provides. There’s something both cathartic and terrifying about getting all of your feelings out for the world to see, and I missed it.

So I’m back! I plan to write only on things truly important or interesting to me. It could be about books I love, products I’m using, my obsession with HGTV, or my extreme hatred for the sound of finger nails dragging over those holographic pictures that “move” when you tilt them. Sometimes I’ll be serious, sometimes silly, but nearly always sarcastic. Whatever the topic, my hope is to connect with my readers and always be honest.

I’m looking forward to starting my writing journey again, and I hope that you’ll stick with me.

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