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Behind the Scenes of My Etsy Shop: Part 2


I had some unexpected free time before going to see Beauty and the Beast with my squad (It was amazing, by the way), so I got a jump on some light switch cover work. Ladybug and Squeaks were very interested in the process. Ladybug also helped me pick out some pretty scrapbook paper for other switches. Of course, she decided she needed a light switch cover for her room too. A fair enough finder’s fee, I think.


It was nice having the kids involved, even if it was a smidgen stressful at certain moments. I’m not sure who’s more excited about opening my shop; myself or my daughter!

There was time enough to make about 5 light switch plates, and I’m starting to feel like this is becoming more and more real. It’s so exciting to see the plan coming together. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to a place where I could do it, and now it’s finally happening!

I also made a prototype for a chalkboard light switch cover, but it’s not quite ready to share. I’m excited for the finished results! I have a small obsession with chalkboard items so I think there will be quite a few chalkboard items placed into the shop at opening.

It’s really important to go slowly though, and not add a ton of random inventory at once. I’m adding just a few pieces to start, and seeing what sells.

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