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Behind the Scenes of my Etsy Shop: Part 3


Today was perler/hama/melting bead prototype time, and Ladybug was an excellent sport! Mostly due to the fact that she received new pretty hair clips.

I tried several different variations today, but I sincerely feel these turned out the best:

It gave me the perfect opportunity to both spend time with Ladybug, but to also get some solid prototypes and a few finished products ready for packaging (for the ones she did not test/touch human hair).

I’m not feeling significantly closer to launch day, but I know I’m inching in the right direction. I have a great stock of handmade cards ready to go, so that does give me some reassurance. The hardest part of this journey is going to be sitting back and enjoying the ride. My hope is that when I look back on these blog posts someday, I’ll say, “That was fun. I’m glad I stopped to really take it all in and enjoy it.”

Do you like perler beads? Have any special requests or ideas for hair accessories? I’d love to hear them! Comment below or contact me!

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