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My Favorite Frugal YouTubers


I’m taking a break from all of the Etsy Shop talk to share some of my favorite YouTubers who keep me on the straight and narrow. YouTube is truly an incredible place. Just about anything you might need to learn can be found for free on YouTube. For example, I learned to loom knit nearly three years ago just by watching YouTube videos (that’s another post coming very, very soon).

I really enjoy cueing up my favorite videos or channels when I’m stuck running on the treadmill; it’s a little reward for taking care of myself.

Without further delay, here’s the YouTubers that I think you should check out!

Life with Sarah. Sarah is a Dave Ramsey girl after my own heart! She is super informative, genuine, and awesome about replying to questions.. Her Debt Snowball videos always kick me into high gear and make me want to pay off debt like yesterday. I especially like her Actual Debt Snowball video .  I wish she had a blog because I would totally follow her.

Pretty Frugal Living. I’ve mentioned Amrita before, but she deserves another shoutout. She makes very high production value videos that are visually enjoyable as well as informative. I don’t think she’s made any new videos in the last year, but I still really enjoy the library she’s built. I first saw her Homemade Cleaning Wipes video, couldn’t help myself, and watched a few playlists.

Budget Girl. I found this one within the last few days, but I love how she updates her total in the YouTube Video title. It makes it super easy to cheer her on! I really like seeing people in general go through their debt free journey, I always find it really inspiring. I thought 3 Free Ways to Track Debt was a really great video as I’m cheap, er frugal and really love watching our debt snowball totals drop.

Do it on a Dime with Kathryn. She has the most awesome Dollar Store gift and organization ideas. And she even has a playlist set up for both! She also has a blog, which has a great post on Dollar Store Cleaning Products. I wish I could follow her around and take notes all day.

The Financial Diet. I love these girls! It was actually their Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed video that pushed me to finally get working on my Etsy Shop (33 days ’til launch!).

Dave Ramsey. Saved the best for last! You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? I learned so many valuable money lessons from Dave as a young adult (after making a lot of mistakes). You can watch his show live for free at his YouTube Channel Monday – Friday from 2-5pm.

Do you have any favorite YouTubers? Any that you’d like to recommend?




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