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Behind the Scenes of my Etsy Shop: Part 4


Have you ever been working on something and out of nowhere you think to yourself, “I am going about this the completely wrong way. What the crap have I been doing?!” That was me today. After working on some prototype light switch plate covers, and agonizing over how to make each one look clean and uniform, it hit me; I need to be working smarter and not harder.

Then my Silhouette Cameo came to my rescue!


The Silhouette Cameo is a cutting tool that does A TON. Think Cricut on Steroids; it can cut vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, you can even cut stamping material and make your own stamps (which you’ll see me do it a future blog post). I started with the very first Cameo, and my husband decided that for my 30th Birthday, it was time for an upgrade. This model even has Bluetooth for wireless cutting and works with an app. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t tried it out yet, but in the coming months with an Etsy shop, I’m positive it’s going to get a full spectrum workout. If you’re interested in a Cameo, hop on over here.

I also have a fairly large Silhouette Projects board on Pinterest with a ton of tutorials, free fonts, etc. You can check that out here.

Should you choose to purchase a Cameo, you can purchase as well as get free shapes on the Silhouette Store. A subscription is the best way to go if you think you’re going to be purchasing a lot of items from the shop. Included with the Silhouette Cameo is the Silhouette Studio software which is inctedibly easy to work in. I can usually get a project done fairly quickly these days.

silhouette studio screencap

Within Silhouette Studio, I designed my own custom light switch plate template that I can easily cut on demand with any paper or cardstock I choose, this taking so much guess work and time out of the process. And I can ensure that my customers will get a beautiful, uniform product, which is so important to me.


Every little step builds up to progress. I’m feeling more and more encouraged as I work on the shop inventory. It’s a amazing to feel like something I’m passionate about might really take off into viable work. Nothing makes me happier than crafting, so even as a part time job, I’m more than grateful to do it.

I’ve still got a lot to do though. Some of those things include knitting some items for inventory, doing some print work (labels, business cards, etc), and finally introducing myself to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator.  I love to learn though, so I’m really excited about getting that knowledge under my belt. I’ve always heard people say, “When you do something you love for a living, it doesn’t feel like work.” I want so desperately to get there with this shop. And I’m praying that if it’s God’s will, he’ll guide me there.

What have you learned or worked on this week?

Disclaimer: I’m a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It’s an affiliate advertising program that lets me earn a little money when you click on my Amazon Affiliate links. However, all product recommendations are 110% my own. Thank you for your support! 

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