Etsy Shop

Behind the Scenes of My Etsy Shop: Part 5


I started work on probably my favorite project for the Etsy Shop yet; Mug Hugs. Also called Mug Warmers and Cup Cozies, they fit around your coffee cup to keep your coffee warm and your hands from being burnt by the cup. Here is the very first prototype:


This of course is not the finished design. I have already implemented changes to improve upon it, and those will be unveiled when the shop opens. Upon finishing it I was happy, but after photographing it, I started seeing areas where it could be better. For the first time since putting my Etsy shop into motion, I started to have doubts. Am I good enough to be selling these? What makes mine different from the others on Etsy? My main objective is to shut off the negative thoughts, and keep creating. I refuse to let fear rule my decision making and prevent me from making this dream happen.

I also worked on some digital prints this past week, and those will just have to be a launch day surprise, too. I can’t show you everything or you’d have no reason to go check out the shop. 🙂

I have some other really awesome Loom Knitting projects to take care of before launch, so stay tuned to see more!

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