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Find Out Fridays: Learning How to Loom Knit on YouTube


Today is the first in the Find Out Fridays Series! Have ideas for topics? Have something craft related that you’re dying to know the answer to? Comment below or contact me here!

Did you know that there are four styles of learning? In alphabetical order (because I’m just that type of nerd):

  • Auditory (lectures, audio books, music, speaking, sound, listening)
  • Kinesthetic (moving your body, learning by doing, touch)
  • Reading/Writing (self explanatory)
  • Visual (images, pictures, spatial organization of elements)

Most people learn through a combination of these.

When you’re a visual/kinesthetic learner like I am, YouTube videos are fantastic because you can watch the video, pause it, do the task, and then start up again. I tried several different loom knitting patterns and books before finally landing at YouTube. The books bugged me because I couldn’t see how a stitch would lay after being completed, or different angles of the project. I needed to see it in action.

First, you may ask why I picked loom knitting to begin with versus traditional knitting or crochet. Here’s the five main reasons I chose to loom knit:

1.) Loom Knitting was the only knitting style that ever really made sense to me. The stitches were big enough that I could really feel and see what was going on (goes back to the whole visual/kinesthetic learner thing).

2.) I can stop and start easily. With most (notice I said most) loom projects I don’t have to count rows or stitches, and I don’t lose track of what I’m doing. I can walk away from a project for a couple weeks and be able to start again from where I left off.

3.) It’s easy enough that I’m teaching Ladybug how to do it. My mom bought Ladybug an American Girl Loom Knitting Kit for Christmas and she adores it. She’s also picking it up much faster than I anticipated. It’s so nice to be able to share knitting time with her. We’re not just making scarves; we’re making memories. With Spring Break beginning today, we’re going to have lots of time together to craft and knit. She and I am both greatly excited about this!

4.) It’s Fun, not Stressful. I found myself hunching and getting frustrated with both traditional knitting and crochet.  All I managed to do is scrunch my shoulders and make tiny little stressed out stitches. Perhaps I may try them again someday, but for now, I’m sticking with my looms (yep, plural…I have many!).

5.) The sense of accomplishment. Whenever my kids lose a hat or  just want a new one, they ask Mom. They get just as excited as I do about creating a new one for them.

Are you with me? Break out your Knifty Knitters (Or whatever round looms or long looms you have) and let’s get started!

My favorite channel hands down is Loomahat. Denise is an excellent teacher. Nearly three years into loom knitting, if I get stuck or need help,  I check Loomahat first. Denise’s videos taught me how to quickly fix my loom knitting mistakes, which is always preferable to unraveling and starting over. Denise also has a blog at If you’re interested in taking up loom knitting, I would strongly suggest starting here and here.

Good Knit Kisses and Tuteate also have some great loom knitting videos that I check out pretty frequently.

In terms of actual books, I do have one favorite. It’s called, I Can’t Believe I’m Loom Knitting. For the cost, it has the most information and the best actual pictures, not just illustrations like some other loom knitting books.

She also wrote the book for the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set For Beginners, another awesome book and loom set.

As I’m sure you can guess, there will be a few loom knit items appearing in my Etsy Shop too!

Think you might try loom knitting this weekend? My upcoming weekends are for Etsy Shop production and I’ll be busy knitting away. This translates to no blog posts from me. However, you’ll see the finished products in some future posts, I promise.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday!

Disclaimer: I’m a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It’s an affiliate advertising program that lets me earn a little money when you click on my Amazon Affiliate links. However, all product recommendations are 110% my own. Thank you for your support! 


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