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Behind the Scenes of My Etsy Shop: Part 6


I have been doing a ton of research the past few weeks on what makes an Etsy Shop “good.” The resounding answers are delighting your customers and setting yourself apart as a brand. I want to ensure that my customers get the service and feeling of a boutique when they shop with me, and I’m fairly certain that pretty packaging will help with that. I picked out beautiful kraft paper bags, black and white bakers twine, bright shipping envelopes, and soft white tissue paper for shipping the final product. However, I also wanted something extra for my products that I could use in shop pictures and be proud of. So I fired up my Silhouette Studio Software and started designing.

I decided to start with hair clip packaging, since I now have quite a few finished. I have made hair clips for family members before and created packaging with plain old cardstock, so I knew the basics of what I’d need; a square with small cuts to slide the clip through and of course my shop and blog information. Here’s what I came up with:

graceful guessing packaging 01

After a few weeks of playing around, I also decided on three main fonts to use on my blog, products, and business materials (such as shipping labels and business cards) to keep everything consistent.

I’ve still got a few more packaging designs to create, but I am loving how clean and crisp the black and white looks. Next up is packaging for my mug hugs, some other knit goodies I’m working on, and a solution for light switch plates (which is going to take some thought, I think).

Your turn: What do you think? What do you like most about buying on Etsy?


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