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6 Ways to Save Money over Spring Break (And Still Have Fun)


It’s spring break time again! Can you believe it? This year has flown right by! My kiddos are on Spring Break this week and since we’re working on our Debt Snowball too, we’re not going on vacation. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

Most of the places below, it’ll only be the cost of gas, which in our town won’t be much.

Parks/Playgrounds – We have a great playground for the kiddos just minutes from our house. The kids love getting out and enjoying the sunshine, so we’ll be visiting the park a few times, I’m sure.

Free Admission Museum – We’re very fortunate that our County has a free admission museum with planetarium shows (small fee) all week long during spring break. Our family loves visiting museums and learning, so this will be a hit with everyone.

Library – Visiting the library is another great way to spend spring break. The Children’s section at our library is separated off from the rest of the library, so the kids can read books and be just a little bit noisy. Many libraries also have special activities planned during spring break to draw in kiddos.

Spa Day at Home – Ladybug is a total girly-girl and loves a good spa day. We’ll be using our foot bath, painting nails, and maybe doing a  face mask too. And the best part is, we already have everything we need for it, so it’s free to us.

Board Games – Our kids love playing board games, so this is another great way to save money and get quality time in together.

Making a Special Dinner – Our kiddos love being in the kitchen, so we’re going to try our hand at homemade sushi.

What special things are you doing this spring break?

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