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Last Wednesday/Thursday were two of the busiest days I’ve had in a long time. But they were hands down two of the most fulfilling days I’ve had at “work” in a long time, too. I began the process of pricing, listing, writing descriptions, and taking pictures for all of my Etsy Shop items. I know what you’re thinking, “Rita, you glutton for punishment, you weren’t supposed to be launching until the 24th! What happened?!” Well, I built a sizeable inventory and ate my Wheaties. 😉

What actually happened, was that fear was getting the better of me. I was starting to worry about launching my shop; what if people hate my products, what if they don’t sell, what if something gets damaged during shipping? Even as I was busy creating beautiful things, I was second guessing my abilities and myself.   Thanks to a book I recently read (Start by Jon Acuff) I realized right away what was happening. I was letting fear undermine my dream and my creativity. I grabbed that fear, punched it in the face, and fast tracked my plan for listing and pricing.

It was several solid hours of work after my kids went to bed Wednesday night; I didn’t even get to sleep until 1:00 AM Thursday morning. Yet I woke up Thursday at 8:00 AM on a mission. I made myself a big mug of coffee, and began writing listings as fast as my fingers would go.

As a result of my experience, I have the utmost respect for the stay-at-home moms with two or more small children running Etsy shops without anyone around to help them. It’s a ton of work and interruptions are unavoidable. My son, “Squeaks”, is almost three and not quite capable of fully entertaining himself. Thankfully, Ladybug (my 6-year-old) was a huge helper, and knew that mom was on a mission that day. I couldn’t have gotten everything done without her help. By 1:30 PM, my kiddos and I were celebrating completion of  listing all of my preliminary inventory, and talking about ideas of things Mom should make and sell.

I’ve also been lucky to have amazing friends and family supporting me along the way. One of my very best friends was even my first sale! I’m framing it and putting it into my Etsy workspace area. Even though last Thursday was a caffeine fueled blur, I was able to slow down long enough to acknowledge that I am incredibly blessed. I “worked” and none of it felt like work. I was doing something I love, and so few people get to do that.

Here’s to living the Etsy shop life, may there be many more crazy, fun days ahead of me.

If you’d like to check out my shop, click here. If you’re thinking of starting an Etsy Shop, click here for 40 free listings!

3 thoughts on “Living the Etsy Shop Life

  1. Hey, I think it’s great how you’re responding to the fear you were experiencing!! LOL about eating your Wheaties! 😀
    Just so you know, your Etsy shop’s link in this post has an extra http in it so it’s not clickable (but I went to Etsy and looked you up!)
    I love your stuff! I just bought the pink light switch cover – super cute! *thumbs up*


  2. I must have been in a hurry and missed that. Thank you so, so much. Both for letting me know and for your support! I’ll take care of your order straight away. I should be able to get it prepped before the mail truck arrives.

    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

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