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Find Out Fridays: What’s in My Loom Knitting Kit

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When I started loom knitting three years ago, I had zero clue what tools I needed. (Want to learn how to loom knit? See this post). Really all I knew that I needed was a loom and a hook. But as I’ve grown as a loom knitter, I’ve found a lot of great tools that I just couldn’t be without. Here’s a rundown of the tools I recommend for loom knitting:


0.) This goes without saying, but don’t forget that you need looms. I have quite the collection! I use this Darice Round Loom Set, an Afghan Loom, an adjustable long loom, an oval loom, a sock loom, a flower loom, and a set of long looms.

1.) Tool Kit Bag. This bag is the exact one I have and I received it as a Christmas gift my husband and kiddos. I was previously using a reusable cloth sandwich bag and finding anything took forever. This one has zippers, pockets, and loops to insert tools.

2.) Hooks. Hooks typically come with loom sets, so that’s why I have so many.

3.) Small scissors. You’ll need them for cutting yarn. I also use it for cutting felt and fabric. In fact, these are the scissors I have. The set included both a large and small pair.

4.) Buttons. I like buttons for finishing projects, like on my mug hugs. I think they’re cute and just make a project look more polished.

5.) Craft Measuring Tape. The measuring tape I have came from a sewing kit my mother gave me when I was a teenager. But, Amazon has a lot of great options. I actually have my eye on this one if I ever lost my current tape measure. It helps you determine if you’ve got the length right for your project quickly and accurately.

6.) Tapestry Needles. The plastic needles that come with loom sets are crap. There is no nice word to describe them. I prefer blunt end tapestry needles to get the job done. And I’m not capable of breaking them.

7.) Row/Stitch Counter. This is a life saver when you’re working on a long project with multiple rows and stitches. It also comes in handy when you’re trying to replicate a project. I’m working on writing loom knitting patterns right now, and this thing is a life saver.


8.) Cable Needles. Some patterns will call for them. I have these ones.

9.) Crochet Hooks. These are amazing for finishing projects or doing chain or crochet cast ons. I LOVE mine. This is the set I have.

10.) Yarn Sleeves/Socks (aka Yarn Bras). These keep your yarn nice and neat! I have them in assorted sizes.

11.) Pom Pom Makers. Amazon has a ton of these, and it makes a consistent looking pom-pom for hats, scarves, boot cuffs, etc every time. I started with the Large size and got more in my stocking at Christmas.

12.) Fray Check. I learned about this when I was making felt toys for my kiddos and ornaments. It’s also great for fixing fraying clothes. It doesn’t smell pleasant, but it sure does work for securing knots and tidying up yarn ends.

Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy all of this right away. It took me a while to build my kit, and it’s now comprised of tools I use regularly. Take your time as you’re learning, and you’ll find your must haves, too.

So there you have it! Do you loom knit? If so, what’s in your loom knitting kit?

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