5 Ways to Support Small Businesses Online

5 Ways to Support Small Businesses OnlineDid you know that according to the Small Business Administration (or SBA):

  • There are 28.8 Million Small Businesses in the United States
  • 99.7% of US Businesses are small business, and
  • 48% of the employees working in the United States are employed by a Small Business

Those are some impressive stats! Nearly half of the people working in the United States are employed by a small business!

I personally shop small business because you receive attention and service that you just don’t get with a big retailer. I always feel really special when I order something on Etsy because most sellers include a special handwritten note of thanks and sometimes a free item. While Amazon has great customer service, they have never written me a note thanking me for buying their products (sorry, Amazon). Note: There is a caveat to that, and you’ll see that later in my post. I also know that I can find unique things that I won’t be able to find anywhere else. As an Etsy business owner myself, I want to support my community of makers, and often buy items for myself and others on Etsy.

I’m sure you’re aware of many Small Business options around you; maybe it’s a corner grocery story or a sewing shop. But what if they don’t have what you’re looking for, and you feel strongly about supporting a small business owner? That’s where the magic of the internet comes in.

5 Places You Can Support Small Businesses Online

  1. Etsy. There are so many hard working people on Etsy. And many are just one man operations. I’m not kidding when I say these are small businesses! I even have a small business on Etsy. Want to start your own shop on Etsy? Click here for 49 Free listings.
  2. Creative Market. There are so many wonderful people creating and selling digital goods on Creative Market. I’ve personally purchased some Photoshop brush files and graphics, and I was pleased at the price and quality. They also have free downloads each week!
  3. Facebook and Instagram. I’ve met several small business owners who prefer to use Facebook or Instagram as their platform rather than sites like Etsy. Sometimes they purchase Facebook feed ads, sometimes it’s word of mouth, either way, you kind find lots of great businesses at either site.
  4. eBay. Did you know that many people have businesses just finding cool stuff and reselling it on eBay? They do! Many people have made it their side or full time business.
  5. Handmade at Amazon. Amazon has ventured into the Handmade World! Isn’t that awesome? It’s very similar in feel to Etsy, and has a ton of really cute stuff available.

Have you found any online small business hot spots? I’d love to hear about them!



2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Support Small Businesses Online

  1. Valerie says:

    I absolutely love supporting small businesses! People are so happy to be making what they make and when they make a sale, you can just sense the excitement. ^_^
    I have a page on my blog for the year where I keep track of different things I’ve done, like books I’ve read, recipes I’ve tried, etc and one of my favorites is “buy something homemade!”

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