Book Review: Business Boutique by Christy Wright

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I have been waiting weeks for this book. Yes, I know it’s not as dramatic as saying I’ve waited months, but work with me here. ūüėČ

I discovered it while visiting Dave Ramsey’s site; it was rather serendipitous, actually. I found it around the time I decided to finally open my Etsy Shop. Christy is a Ramsey Personality, and¬†because of my great love for Dave Ramsey and Jon Acuff, I felt she was someone that I could trust. Dave is incredibly careful with who he brings into his business as a team member (you can read all about it in Entreleadership). ¬†I immediately preordered on Amazon, and read a ridiculous amount of other books while I waited for its arrival. I am so, so happy to report that it did not disappoint.

Christy starts the book with sharing¬†her life long love for horses. She ultimately paired¬†passion with business in her 20’s when she rented a 40 acre farm and began boarding horses. She found that while conducting¬†interviews for the book, women who owned their own businesses revealed they had always loved a particular hobby or activity that was now the center of their business. Crafters, bakers, gardeners…it all began with truly¬†loving a topic or activity. She writes, “We love our craft or skill or idea – the business part is just a way to share our passion with others and make an income in the process.” This sentence is exactly when she sucked me in. ¬†I also greatly appreciate the fact that it’s beautifully interwoven with scripture and speaks to women working in their God-given strengths.

The book covers four major tiers (just like a cake!) each with its own subtopics below it. The four major tiers she writes on include building a foundation, making it yours, getting the business up and running, and putting yourself out there. In truth, I wish this would have been out exactly when I decided to start my business. I feel like it could have saved me a lot of time and heartache. It breaks starting a business into much more manageable steps. Admittedly I’ve been feeling stressed the past few days, and reading Christy’s book¬†has really helped me relax and refocus. She stresses taking things one step at a time, and as a go-getter, I am constantly forgetting that fact. And the most important piece to finishing this book: when you’re done, you will have all the pieces and parts you need for a cohesive business plan.

Christy’s voice comes through exceptionally clear, as if you’re speaking to a dear friend in the same room rather than just reading yet another business book. Many people (me included up until I started reading books of these sort) have a preconceived notion that business books are supposed to be cold and frumpy. Clearly, those people have not read this book. I simply could not put it down!

Additionally, to help you along the way, Christy offers some free resources as you’re working through the book. The Action Pages are the same as what’s at¬†the end of each chapter. However, as a person who likes to keep their books “nice,” I greatly appreciate having it as a separate resource. Click here to get your Business Boutique action pages. On that same page, you can sign-up by email for the Quick Start Business Plan. Both of which I highly enjoyed and recommend.

If you’re a woman with a dream to start her own business or even if you already have a business of your own, I highly suggest you get a copy of this book.

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