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3 Ways to Dress Up a Printable Card

3 Ways to Dress Up a Printable Card

I love making cards. It’s actually my sister’s fault; she invited me to take a card making class with her about 7 years ago, and ever since I’ve enjoyed making them. Now, I make and sell not just physical but printable cards in my shop.

I find that Printable Cards give you just enough structure to get going, but also the freedom to make it your own unlike a store bought card. For today’s Find Out Friday, I’m going to show you how just one printable can be dressed up three different ways.

The first is the simplest; printing a copy of the card, cutting out the graphic, and layering on another piece of cardstock.

Best Grandma Ever Card 1

Next, there’s Washi Tape and Kraft Paper:

Best Grandma Ever Card 2


And finally, this is a layering technique. I used my cuttlebug to emboss a piece of craft paper, and then used brads to attach the original part of the printable.

Best Grandma Ever Card 3

So those are three very, very simple ways you can make a printable card special. Do you have any tricks or tips? I’d love to hear about it!

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