5 Ways to Find Your Niche for Your Etsy Shop

5 Ways to Find Your Niche for Your Etsy Shop

Looking back from now to March, my Etsy Journey looks so very much different than I thought it would. I honestly thought I would just craft an eclectic range of product. I thought Etsy would be just a simple handmade business. The fact is, in those two months alone, the shape and scope of my Etsy Shop transformed before my very eyes. I couldn’t be prouder of where I’ve landed and where I’m ultimately going. I am increasingly excited for the future of my business.

Let me back up. If you’ve been with me from the beginning or even read my About page, you already know I’m a craftaholic. I am always making and creating something. I love giving (and frequently do give) handmade gifts to my family.  I actually make my husband and kids something handmade every Christmas. So with that kind of gumption, I thought for sure I could knock out a ton of handmade items in no time. The trouble is, I didn’t realize how long it took me to make my handmade items nor the time required to photograph, write copy, and list those items. I needed a dedicated niche.

Here’s my best advice for finding yours:

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Why I Love Creative Market (And You Should, Too!)

Creative Market

The farther I journey into my dream of becoming a Web and Graphic Designer, the cooler the stuff I find. I recently stumbled upon Creative Market and I found a TON of things to pin for personal use as well as commercial use. Any of these items would be perfect for people who like to create professional looking gifts or products for a business.

What is Creative Market? What Does it Sell?

All sorts of goodness! They’re an amazing market where small business owners can share stock photos, graphics, templates (cards, business cards, flyers, all sorts of stuff!), themes (think WordPress, Bootstrap, etc), fonts (even FREE fonts!), brushes and gradients for Photoshop/Illustrator, and 3D images.

What I Love about Creative Market

  • Every week, they share 6 Freebies! How cool is that? Patterns, fonts, themes, all sorts of goodies for Creative folks. Click here to check out this week’s selections.
  • You’re Supporting Small Businesses. Being a small business owner myself, I firmly believe in supporting my tribe.
  • Everything is Gorgeous. Seriously, I have yet to find anything that makes me think, “wow, that’s ugly.” You can tell people invested a ton of time into their work, and you’re getting something truly topnotch.
  • It Inspires me. It inspires me to keep learning and keep working hard. While you see similar products such as, let’s say, watercolor brushes for Adobe Photoshop (and good gravy are there a ton of watercolor brushes and textures right now!) each one is a little different and special. It inspires me to create something perhaps slightly similar, yet unique that the world hasn’t seen yet. It reminds me that there is plenty of room in the world for your brand of creativity.

Seriously, whether you digitally craft for business or fun, check out Creative Market.