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Small Business Spotlight: Limelight by Alcone

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I love having entrepreneur friends. I love bragging on them even more! Today I’m writing about my friend Sarah’s LimeLight by Alcone business.

I have stubborn eczema and it has recently started appearing in patches on my face. This is entirely new territory for me. I’ve had it on my hands and my shins, but never my face. I’ve been doing a ton of research, and no two creams or products seem to work for Eczema sufferers. Mostly because there are a ton of things that could cause Eczema breakouts; genetics, diet, weather, skincare, makeup, it’s hard to say sometimes what’s the underlying cause. My first step to sooth my eczema is to get rid of some questionable products in my makeup bag and try some all natural items. Cue Limelight by Alcone.

Alcone started with humble beginnings in 1952. The company sold false eyelashes, theatrical makeup, lighting, and other production items. Long story short the company grew and grew, and Alcone’s store in Chelsea is the go-to shop for Broadway production makeup. When makeup artists began referring friends to Alcone, they decided to launch a line called Alcone at Home, and eventually rebranded in 2015 to Limelight by Alcone.

What I love about Limelight is that it’s all natural, and rather than drying out my skin like a lot of makeup tends to do, it will actually moisturize it. Their products are also paraben-free and they do not test on animals. Also appealing to me, is that the makeup pallets are customizable; I can pick exactly the colors I want instead of colors that I’ll likely never wear. I tend to wear a lot of light nude colors, and whenever I buy a nude pallet, I end up wearing the three lightest shades and the rest goes to waste.

The coverage of their foundation is the stuff of legends. There are a ton of videos and pictures circulating on YouTube of before and after Limelight makeup coverage and it’s incredible. Google it. I’ll wait.

Ok I lied, I couldn’t wait. Check this out:


That is mind-blowing foundation coverage. Seriously.

So I’m giving the foundation a try as well as the Forty Cure Cream for my hand and leg eczema. I’m excited to see how it all shakes out.

If you’re interested in checking it out too, my friend Sarah will be happy to give you a hand. In the meantime, you can even take this quiz to figure out the best shade of foundation for your skin.

Do you own a small business and want to be apart of my business spot light? Contact me!

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