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What’s New in My Etsy Shop, 5/15/17

I had SUCH a busy but amazing weekend. Mother’s Day Weekend, a Garage Sale,  my husband building a playset for our kids, and my bright idea to clean out the garage.

For the garage sale, it was successful enough that we were able to buy my new bike, a rack for the garage, and treated ourselves to a Date Night (we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – it was everything I hoped it would be!!!).

For Mother’s Day, we hosted a cookout with my Mom, Grandma, Aunt, My Sister and her family and we had a ton of fun. We actually convinced my 56 year old Aunt to play Rock Band and she had a blast. She needs some practice but for her first time out, she did great.

Somehow, I still managed to add some new pretties to the shop. Still trying to wrap my head around how I managed it, but I’m just going to give myself a pat on the back and roll with it.

For going into Month 2, I’m still feeling really energized and good about the direction of my shop.


Because I love making cards so much, I have a a TON of new offerings since last week, including a Get Well Soon card and a Doctor Who inspired “Hello Sweetie” card. But I’m only highlighting two for the sake of time. A lot of my energy is going into the shop rather than the blog these days, and I’m ok with that. I’d rather give quality on all fronts instead of updates that as my reader, aren’t worth your precious time.

First up, the Birthday Balloon Card. Just a simple, gender neutral card that would work for many different occasions. This would be perfect to print out a few of and keep at your desk at work, just in case a birthday sneaks up on you. Not that I would know something like that from experience. 😉

Next, I’m a little obsessed with Motivational Cards these days. They can be applied to so many different occasions that they just work out. This one is The World is Your Oyster card, and it just launched yesterday. And a sneak peek… this will be available as a print in two different colors this week, too! Perfect for graduation gifts and office art.

And finally, I introduced a physical product based on one of my (so far) best sellers! This is the product I am by far the most excited about: the Go Forth and Kick Butt Tote Bag. I love it so much that I’m going to use mine as my knitting bag. Mostly because I’m fussy and in my three years as a loom knitter, I’ve never found a bag that I love. And it’s SO roomy.  It’s another avenue to expand my business, and I feel a step in the right direction. I had been doing research on printing companies for a few weeks, and found one that I really like and trust. They do excellent work. I wish it could have been local, but I’m still very happy with the end results.

Well, that is your Graceful Guessing digest for the week! Go forth and kick butt!

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