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Small Business Spotlight: Pure Haven Essentials

Today I’m highlighting another one of my friends’ businesses. And it’s one that I’ve had incredible results from.

My friend Lauren has her own Pure Haven Essentials Business. I truly feel they have some of the most amazing body products in existence. It’s organic, chemical free, and they do not test on animals. They make baby, kids, body, and home cleaning products.

I mentioned in my last Small Business Spotlight that I suffer from Eczema. I have dyshidrotic eczema on my hands and it is absolutely miserable stuff. It causes tiny little itchy water blisters that show up sometimes with seemingly no explanation. Some doctors believe it’s due to stress, some say it’s due to allergies, some say it’s from having your hands in water a lot. Either way, the blisters appear, everything itches like crazy. Then my skin peels and the itching begins all over again. For me, it doesn’t seem to prefer a season. I’ve had it flare during winter and spring both. I used to wear a ring on my right hand, but had to stop because my eczema made my fingers swell up. I have also tried just about every prescription cream and over the counter lotion possible and my flare-ups were impossible to contain. Until now!

With Lauren’s recommendation, I tried the Dream Cream and a Boo-Boo Stick on my hands. She swears by the Boo Boo Stick on Eczema from personal experience; her daughter also has eczema. I was anxious to try it and I didn’t have to wait long. I ordered last Saturday and I had my product by Wednesday. I’m an Amazon Prime girl, so the quick shipping speed greatly impressed me. Everything was also packaged very nicely. But how did the product do?

The scent of the products is lovely. I didn’t feel that it was overwhelming like some natural based products can be. The Dream Cream actually smells kind of like a dreamcicle to me. I’m sure that’s the notes of vanilla and orange essential oils coming out. It also goes on like an actual cream. It’s thick but not too thick, so you can see where you’ve applied and it absorbs well. I really like that because lotion just doesn’t cut it for eczema prone skin.

The first day I applied a few times, then used the Boo-Boo Stick as needed. The Boo-Boo Stick is amazing at calming the itch – it’s near instant relief, I swear.

Here is my skin one week ago after one application and a picture from yesterday. I wish I would have taken a picture before the first application, because it was even more red and flaky.

I am amazed at the difference and how much better my skin feels. During our garage sale last week, I gained some nasty bruises from moving things and cleaning. Lauren told me the Boo Boo Stick can also be used on bruises! I’m on Day 2 of trying that. I’ve noticed that my bruise isn’t incredibly sore like it was, and it seems that the bruise is fading faster than bruises on my other arm that are the same age.

To sum it up, I feel like Pure Haven Essentials has really nailed it with their products. I would encourage any Eczema sufferer to give Pure Haven products a try. They have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, but I can’t imagine you’ll want to return your product after trying it.

If you have questions about Pure Haven Essentials, Lauren would be happy to answer them. She is knowledgable, helpful, and incredibly sweet. If you’d like to check out other Pure Haven Essentials products, click here.


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