Etsy Shop

What’s New in My Etsy Shop, 6/12/17

The better question should be what isn’t new in my Etsy Shop? It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything for my blog because I’ve been so busy creating products. I’ve crossed the 100 product threshold, and I’ve still got plenty of ideas for new products! I even had my first custom order, and it was a great experience.

First up is a reworking of my Life is Beauty Full Print. I’ve been going back to earlier prints in my shop and refining them, and this is one of those prints. I’m really loving how it turned out.

I also have quite a few cupcake toppers available, this set in particular is of the cupcake variety. They’ve been a lot of fun to make and have been pretty popular so far.

And finally, since Father’s Day is fast approaching, I have the Dad Jokes Card. This is probably my favorite Father’s Day card so far.

So that’s the long and short of what I’ve been working on! As my shop offerings start leveling out, I’ll be back to posting regularly, I promise!

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