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Free Printable Father’s Day Card (Also Great for Dad’s Birthday)



It’s Father’s Day! And that means time to let the kiddos craft a cute card for Dad. This card is versatile and could also work as a birthday card!

My kiddos had a ton of fun product testing it for me, and their final card for my husband turned out very, very cute. Ladybug and Squeaks had some very real creative direction arguments over how they were going to color it together. After about 20 minutes, I finally got them to relax and work together. However, Ladybug was not pleased when Squeaks decided to punch some holes in it. Afterward he told me “Dad will just love the pencil holes!” That kid cracks me up every day.

Free Father's Day Card

My husband loved the card, and the kids beamed with pride as he opened it. There’s just something special about opening a card created with love just for you.

Anyway! The card is available in two sizes:

Enjoy your goodies and have a fantastic Father’s Day!

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