Logos Matter: Why Your Handmade Business Needs a Logo

Why Your Handmade Business Needs a Logo

So you’ve decided to start a handmade business! Congratulations! From personal experience, following my heart and opening my Etsy Shop changed my life. That may sound corny, but I’m being 110% serious. I invite you to read my story on why I finally started my business. At the time I wrote it, I wasn’t really set on what I wanted to do, but I knew something had to change. For my family and for my sanity.

My Shop and all of the work involved (because believe me, it is HARD WORK) feeds my soul, it allows me to share my creativity with the world, and best of all, I’ve met some incredible people since I began my Small Business journey. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my business is something I would do even if I weren’t getting paid to do it. And if you’re like me (which if you’re here I suspect you just might be), then that is music to your ears.

In the recent weeks, I’ve grown as a designer and branched out. I began making logo packages and small business materials, and I’m in love. I absolutely adore my niche and clientele. I love sharing ideas with them and sharing in the excitement of making their business dream a reality.  And I really, really want them to succeed.

So that means that when I design a logo for a business, it’s critical to get it right. I could really talk about how logos and branding are important all day, but I’m going to force myself to give you three reasons why you as a small business or handmade business owner need a beautiful, well designed logo.

Your Logo Showcases What You Offer and What’s Special About Your Business

Your logo must convey who you are and what you offer the world. Take my logo for example:

Graceful Guessing Design Co. Logo

Foremost, you can tell right away that I’m a Graphic Designer.  Additionally, it gives you a demonstration of my design style. Believe it or not, no two graphic designers really have the same style or will attract the same clients. Just like your handmade business, each designer is unique in their work flow and what they bring to the table. In my opinion, we’re really just computer-aided handmade business owners. 😉

I specialize in a whimsical design style; pretty, feminine, fun. Of course I’m capable of doing other types of design (and I certainly have) but my logo acts as a way to showcase my talents and passion. Most importantly, my logo will attract my ideal clients to me. Your logo is no different; the same exact rules apply.

Fonts, colors, and images can speak volumes about a business. All three of the aforementioned things evoke emotion. Because many people tend to buy something based on how it makes them feel the logo color, font, and images, can make or break a sale.

Logos Attract Your Audience

You need your audience (or your people people as I like to call them) to say, “Oh hey! I know them! They’re awesome! I’m a client for life! *wave a foam finger*” Ok maybe not just like that, but you get the general idea. 😉

Every time you share your logo in a professional manner, they’ll begin to connect it with you and your brand. Remember those elements that evoke emotion? They play right into this.

Another example, let’s check out one of my Etsy Listing Photos, shall we?:

Small Business Sticker

You’ll notice in all of my Shop listing photos, I include a very subtle watermark in the corner. This creates brand recognition. When people find my items in Etsy Search, they see my branding. A good logo conveys your personality, and encourages like minded people to connect with you.

A Well Designed Logos Demonstrates Professionalism

Investing in a logo, whether premade or custom, tells your customer that you care about quality and getting things “right.”

It demonstrates that you yourself are a professional and that your product will fulfill their particular need. Have you ever seen a not-so-good-logo? One that is just like, “Wow. That was totally made in Paint.” Consider for a moment what that made you think about that particular business. I would hazard a guess that it made you question the quality of the product they offer. We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s bad news bears.

Your work is too beautiful, too important, too amazing, to let that happen. You deserve to be set up for success.

Again, your logo attracts your people. It’s an investment in your business. Set your business up for success with a great logo.

Now, that absolutely does not mean that you absolutely have to to hire me or any other graphic designer to make your logo (but I sure would love to help you!). If you have an eye for good design and resources to do it (such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator), you could very well make your own logo.

Show your logo ideas/designs to people who want to see your business succeed. Tell them they need to be completely honest in their analysis of it; hurt feelings cannot come into play here. This is the cornerstone of your business; it’s crucial to get it right.

With that all being said, my hope is that this post informed you rather than overwhelmed you. I adore small business owners – I’m surrounded by them, in fact! Small business owners are just amazing people; we can take the smallest idea and breathe life into it. And I want to see yours take flight.

Do you have any questions about logo design? Do you own a handmade business? I would love to hear from you!

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