My Logo Design Process


Before designing logos, I was very unaware of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a logo for a business. I was actually shocked when I learned how much time and work it takes!

If you’re interested in working with me to design your logo or just want to peek behind the curtain of my shop, this post is for you!

1.) Meet the Customer

All of the custom design logo packages in my shop┬áhave a questionnaire requirement. You might be thinking, “Wait a minute Rita. Aren’t you the one who is supposed to be coming up with the logo ideas here?”

Yes, as a designer it’s my job to make sure your logo looks its best and represents your brand. However, I have to pick your brain because it’s not my brand that the logo will represent. This is why the questionnaire is so important. It ensures that I get to know my client and create a logo that reflects what’s special about their brand.

2.) Jot Down/Sketch Initial Concept Thoughts

I start taking notes before I ever sit down to design in Adobe Illustrator. I jot down my thoughts based on my conversations with the client and their questionnaire responses. I make special notes on their brand name and target audience.

3.) Research the Business, any History/Industry, and its’ Competition

I always do research on the business first. This frequently includes:

  • Checking out their current Etsy Shop or website
  • Googling their business name and seeing what comes up
  • Checking out social media accounts
  • History/Industry Specifics.

Then, once I feel like I have a good feel for the brand, I look to their competitors. I ask myself, “What kind of logo design can I make that will give my client an edge?”

  • Look at businesses similar in size and age
  • Visit their shops or sites to look at product pictures

4.) Narrow Down Ideas

I start trimming down all of the ideas I’ve collected, and if there’s something the client is adamant about including, I figure out how I can work it in.

5.) Create a Mood Board

I gather pictures and color pallets for inspiration based on my final ideas. The pictures are usually something inspiring that helps set the mood for their business. Whatever I used as inspiration is included, and I track all of my work/concepts on it. As an example, this is a Brand/Mood Board for My Business:

Graceful Guessing Brand Board

6.) Start Designing

I start turning the ideas into Adobe Illustrator. It could take a while, or it could go quickly. It all depends on the project and how the ideas come together.

7.) Present the Idea to the Client

Once I’m happy and feel that the design is in a place that the client will be happy too, I present it. This is where I ask my client to give me honest feedback.

8.) Review and Refine

The client reviews the logo, and from there asks for revisions. I’ve had some where no revisions were requested; I’ve had some where they needed more. The point is that Revisions are welcome and necessary to creating a beautiful logo.

9.) Finalize

Once the client is happy, I finalize the logo and create the contents of their logo package.

10.) Check in with the client.

I like to give my clients a little time with their logo before I check in and see how it’s serving them. If they’re having issues, I want the channel of communication to remain open so I can help them resolve it.

And there you have it! Logos can be a lot of work, no doubt. But when you consider that it’s the face of your brand, it is absolutely worth taking the time to get it right.

One thought on “My Logo Design Process

  1. mira028 says:

    Hi Rita, You are really talented !
    One question to you, where you are working? That means in any marketplace are you working? Fiverr, 99designs or upwork or freelancer.
    can we order you directly via email or whatsapp?
    looking for your reply.


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