What is a Branding Kit?


If you’ve been around my blog for a little while, you’ve heard me toss around the word “branding kit” at least once. But if you’re new to my blog and my shop, you may not know exactly that entails. Allow me to explain…

A Branding Kit Creates A Business’ Tone and Identity

Branding isn’t just about a logo or packaging. It’s setting an entire mood for your business and creating an experience for your customers. If you’re like me, you want to build a solid group of returning clients that you love to work with. Branding helps you do that.

Branding tells your customers a lot about who you are, what you do, what value you bring to them, and if your product or services are a good fit for them.

Remember how I mentioned in my first post about logos that color and font sets a mood? With a branding kit, it helps you carry that mood throughout all aspects of your brand.

A Branding Kit helps build brand identity too; using the same elements all working together creates recognition and trust.

As a designer, it’s my job to set my clients up for success. When I built my Branding Kit Packages, I wanted it to contain everything a client would need to convey a consistent brand message.

Here’s what I offer my clients in my full branding kit:

Complimentary Brand/Mood Board. Brand Boards tell a story about your business! So from mine below, you can tell that I specialize in graphic design (text and design), I like making fun, feminine, whimsical designs (font choice, hydrangeas), I’m energetic and bubbly (the color pink). I also chose a dark grey rather than a black from my logo because it’s softer, but still impactful. Take a peek below:

Graceful Guessing Brand Board

• Three (3) Completely Custom Designed Logos (Main, Submark/Watermark, Alternate), and source files (.ai). Different logos serve different purposes, so it’s good to have a few different versions. I also give my clients the full rights to their logo when I’m finished. I keep it on file only if they need something down the road; otherwise it’s a unique creation.

• Main Logo Files (4 JPGs Total)
– Print-Ready JPG
– Screen/Web Ready JPG
– Large JPG
– Etsy Shop Icon JPG (500×500 px)

• Alternate Logos (3 JPGs total):
– Print-Ready JPG
– Screen/Web Ready JPG
– Large JPG

• Submark/Watermark
– PNG File
– Print-Ready JPG

• Shop Banner/Cover/Header (Etsy, Big Cartel, etc).

• Social Media Graphics

• Business Card Templates

• A Choice of Packaging Design: Sticker, Custom Hang Tag, or Packaging Template (printing is available but extra and will need a custom listing)

• A Thank You Gift for their Business. Many of my clients are brand new business owners. So whenever a client purchases a Branding Kit I try to give my clients something they need that they didn’t think of or couldn’t afford at the time.

After completion, I also promote my clients and their brands on my Instagram. One of my good friends who also has an Etsy Shop often says, “We Rise By Lifting Others.” I genuinely want to see my clients succeed.

I also try to accommodate my client with additional needs, or build a package entirely for them. I’ve had business owners come to me at many different points in their journey, and because they’re my audience, I keep my prices in their reach.


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