Free Printable Thank You Card

Free Printable Thank You Note -

\Disclaimer: This post does contain a few affiliate links; you can see my disclosure policy here.

Short work weeks always mess me up.

My blog posts normally are scheduled for Wednesdays so unfortunately I’m a day behind. But I have valid excuses, I promise! 😉 Not only are my kiddos back in school this week, but it’s been a very, very busy week for the shop, too. And I cannot thank my clients enough for that! I am truly humbled by your appreciation for my work and your kindness!

I felt it was important to say thank you and give a little something back. Because I simply wouldn’t be where I am without my amazing clients and audience.

Just a little bit about the card:

  • After trimming it measures 6.25″ Tall, 4.5″ Wide
  • Prints on a 8.5×11 sheet of paper/cardstock
  • Includes trim marks, and
  • Fits comfortably inside a 5″x7″ Envelope

So how can you make a printable card look it’s absolute best?:

  • Fold the card before trimming; it just makes the process faster
  • Print on a good, quality cardstock
    • I recommend this one or this one if you really need them to look super sharp and crisp
  • Use a bone folder to score and then fold the edge

Use it for your customers, friends, or family! I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download!


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