What Cardstock Should I Use?

Which Cardstock Should I Use

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There’s one question that I know every paper crafter has asked themselves at least once: What kind of cardstock should I use for my project?

The answer?

It depends entirely on your project. Here are my three recommendations for three different situations.


It’s for a Print-at-Home Card

I highly recommend Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper for printed handmade cards. It feels nice without potentially wrecking your printer (more on that below).

I personally use it for cards that I make and give to family members and friends.

It’s for Your Business

I recommend a stronger cardstock for printed cards and products. This is of course a personal preference, but I like when cards have a thicker weight to them. I suggest heavier weight cardstocks for this purpose – BUT make sure your printer can handle it! Some printers aren’t weighted for anything heavier than 65lb weight cardstocks. For products in my shop, I use 110lb cardstock.

I also highly recommend 110lb cardstock for making your own hang tags, jewelry cards, and the like.

I’m Just Test Printing

Don’t use expensive paper for a test print. Always use an inexpensive cardstock or plain printer paper and when you’re happy with the results, then print it on the “good stuff.” Take it from someone who went through way too many pieces of the good stuff playing with printer settings!

Are you a crafter or business owner? What’s your favorite kind of cardstock?


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