About Rita

Hi! My name is Rita

…And I’m so glad you’re here!Me8617

I’m married to Ryan, the love of my life and we have two gorgeous kids (for privacy’s sake I’ll refer to them as Ladybug and Squeaks).

I’m a freelance graphic designer (you can read about my decision to do that here). I’ve been designing my own wall art, greeting cards, and since 2011. I design anything from logos to greeting cards. but my big dream is to help other small business owners with a desire to create beautiful things.

I am crafter – haven’t met a craft I didn’t like. I’m hopelessly addicted to Halo Top Ice Cream (So, so good!). My favorite TV shows include Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Bosch, and Gilmore Girls. I love so many types of music but especially love twenty one pilots, Imagine Dragons and The Killers.

That’s Awesome, But What is this Blog About?

This blog is the behind the scenes look at my Freelance Graphic Design journey (Hello, Etsy!). I’ll be writing about things I’m passionate about, projects I’m working on, books I’m reading, and the work in progress that is my business and life.

I hope you come back to visit and I would be tickled to hear from you! Contact me here.