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What’s New in the Graceful Guessing Etsy Shop, 5/22/17

Believe it or not, I am sitting at nearly 70 items in my shop. It’s incredible. I had always hoped that my shop would fill out, I guess I just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. The pictures you see here are a very, very small sampling of what I made this week. Considering I had like 48 items this time last week and now I’m at 69. My goal is to be at 100 items by the end of the month. And with a Holiday Weekend coming, I’m fairly confident that I can do it.

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5 Ways to Find Your Niche for Your Etsy Shop

Looking back from now to March, my Etsy Journey looks so very much different than I thought it would. I honestly thought I would just craft an eclectic range of product. I thought Etsy would be just a simple handmade business. The fact is, in those two months alone, the shape and scope of my Etsy Shop transformed before my very eyes. I couldn’t be prouder of where I’ve landed and where I’m ultimately going. I am increasingly excited for the future of my business.

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What’s New in My Etsy Shop, 5/1/17

It’s Monday again! This means two things: It’s the day where we ask ourselves, “Where in the heck did my weekend go?!” and it’s time for my Etsy Shop Update! Hard to believe, but this Friday my little shop will be one month old! It has been a month of learning, trial, and error. But there’s been a lot of valuable experience along the way, too.