Setting Limits: The Importance of Writing Policies and FAQs for Your Etsy Business

Setting Limits: The Importance of Writing Policies and FAQs for Your Etsy Business

I had an interesting (putting it mildly) exchange with a potential client a couple weeks ago.

I was still on a weekend getaway with my husband and received a request very early in the morning for custom work. The potential client sent me images, job specifics, and asked if I could get it done as soon as possible. I explained that I was out of town, but would be happy to take care of it when I returned, and provided my listing for the custom design request.

But my gut told me something was off with the whole thing.

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Why Are Graphic Designers so Expensive?

Why Are Graphic Designers so Expensive?

As a designer that works primarily on Etsy (which I LOVE by the way – I love my clients, they work hard and they are absolutely amazing people), I frequently see logo and branding designs that are priced around $20-30; sometimes they include a potential “retire this logo” option for an additional fee. I’d also have to be living under a rock to say I’ve never heard of Fiverr or Freelancer and their steep “deals” on logos.

For handmade sellers just starting out, it can be a complete shock to see someone asking $150+ for a branding kit/suite. “How could it be that expensive?! Is there really another person who is asking me to shell out more cash?! How am I ever going to be in the green?! How can I afford materials for my business?!”

Deep breath. We’re going to walk through this together and unravel the myth that a good graphic designer is “expensive.”

I’m going to explain the behind-the-scenes costs of logo design and why you owe it to yourself and your handmade business to hire a reputable designer.

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Free Graphic Design Software and Apps for Etsy Sellers


While I do offer many graphic design services for Etsy Sellers in my Shop, I know that a lot of Etsy Sellers enjoy making their own graphics for social media and listings. Plus, when you’re just starting out, you can’t always afford a designer right away; no matter how affordable they try to be.

While I personally use industry-standard software (Adobe Products such as Illustrator and Photoshop), I know that’s not always an option for brand new sellers trying to make sense of the world of Etsy.  One Caveat to this though: if you have the desire to learn Adobe Illustrator, don’t bother with any of these free programs; learn one software and master it.

So to make your life a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of Free Graphic Design Resources to help you get started (until you can hire a professional 😉 )

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