Doing Life Better

Remember What You’re Working For

I have a confession to make: I’ve been having a really hard time keeping my eyes on the prize.

I find myself increasingly frustrated at my day job. I feel more and more that my work there isn’t as meaningful as I’d like it to be. My feelings are that Management is continuing to make the same mistakes as it has in the nearly six years I’ve worked there and has no interest in changing for the better. I’m finding that vacations are helping less and less and I dread going back to work after a few days off. I want to quit. Oh boy, do I want to quit in the worst way way. But I can’t. My husband and I have some really important goals for our family before I can walk away from that job. No matter how much I hate it, no matter how much it feels like it’s sucking the life right out of me with every meeting that should have been an email, or useless jargon thrown around like a ticker tape parade.

What I'm Learning

Hustle and Hope.

Launching my blog and Etsy shop has been a second full time job for almost two months now. Here’s what’s happened to me so far:

It’s been my lunch hour, evenings, weekends, and extra free time activity.
It’s definitely caused some lack of sleep, some late nights, and some early mornings.
I’ve used coffee and dry shampoo more than any human should be allowed to.
I’ve wondered if any of this hustle is worth it.
The shop and blog began as a way to release some creative energy, be my own boss (someday), and for the time being, make some extra money to help pay off my and my husband’s remaining student loan debt. I knew right out of the gate how much work would go into it, I just didn’t realize the energy required for the amount of work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just stating that I’m going to need to get a caffeine drip going soon. I’m nearing the finish line of preliminary ground work, but there’s obviously maintenance that will still need to go into the blog, the shop, and developing my audience.