Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


I finally bought my own business cards (<—referral link) and a special self-inking stamp for my business. I’ve been “open” for three months now. I ordered my business cards from Moo, which I highly recommend. And if you need to order some, you can sign up here and we both get a $15 credit. Nice, right? Plus, I’m super happy with how they turned out:


So back to my story: why did it take me so long to get offline tools to promote my brand? Imposter Syndrome.

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10 Amazing Books for New Entrepreneurs


I really love to read. I love to read so much, that I actually worked at a library in college. It was amazing; when patrons didn’t need help (that’s what we called them, you know), I could read to my heart’s content. *sigh* I had an endless supply of books  and because I had to shelve them, I got first dibs when new ones came in. It remains one of my favorite jobs to this very day.

However, I’ve never been keen on reading business/self-improvement books, until I realized that I really wanted to start my own business. When  you couple that with the fact that I am a researcher at heart anyway, I started inhaling a ton of books in order to be the best entrepreneur I can be.

I found that this books were the most inspiring on my small business / Etsy Business Journey.

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